Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Crazy Cat Lady Challenge

Here we go another short fun challenge created by RubyWyld from the TS2Challenges Yahoo Group. If you wish to check out the rules they are available in the files section at the Yahoo Group.

This will be a very short blog entry, after all, how can one write a story about skilling cats? heh. I will list these in order of each cat's performance. First of all, let us meet the Cat Lady. Her name is Katerina Katt. She is a happenin' with it Senior, who happened to roll Fortune. That turned out to work out very well for this challenge.

I rolled everything about her. She is a Maxis spun Sim, I just changed her skintone, and put some hippy-ish hair on her. She is still livin' in the '60s. She bought one of the smallest lots available so I could purchase some must haves for this challenge. Like an expensive bed. I knew she would not be able to sleep much.

Her stats aren't bad either. She will not see her LTW, which is to have 5 top level biz's. heh

As soon as I built the simple house and bought a few things, Katerina got each cat a job. As follows:

Morris - Showbiz
Crookshanks - Security
Mrs. Norris - Service
Sher Kahn - Service
Felix - Showbiz
Smelly - Service

Eh, only six cats. Yeah, that is all the game would let me manufacture six. After the other cats had worked and put some cash in the bank, Katerina adopted....

I did try other alternatives before adopting Heidi. First of all, Katerina made good friends with stray Kim the Cat....just as I knew the adoption option would come up, Kim left and never came back. Tried woo-hooing a kitten in. Crookshanks and Morris really liked each other. Katerine had them woo-hoo to exhaustion for several days, and no kitten came forth. So, adoption it was. Turns out Heidi had two of the three necessary skills for the Security career path. Yeah!

Even though there were plentiful scratching posts in the house, the cats obviously wanted this trash can out. It was a continual target. Yes, eventually it was lost. Katerina never replaced it. Repeated scoldings for scratching furniture did not work. It was the only furniture item in the house that was scratched.

At any rate, the first thing Katerina did was try to toilet train the is a time waster for this challenge. Even though one cat did get toilet trained, it still used the litter box. Time is better spent skilling for careers.

All the zodiacs were rolled for, per the scientific method of me with one die, and my daughter playing the roll of the second die by shouting out a number between one and six. At any rate, let's meet the cats, and this is in order of their success in their career paths. The first one to reach TOC was Felix, about halfway through Katerina's life.

Ah. He is a genius. No wonder he reached the top before the others.

Strangely, after he reached TOC, he began to throw his weight around the tiny house by continually challenging the other cats. He never did this before.

I did use the Obedience Trainer. I managed Katerina's schedule by having her sleep during the day, so the skilling could be done around the clock. Katerina handled skilling at night.

Next to reach the top was Mrs. Norris, about two days after Felix.

Yay Mrs. Norris!

Two days after Mrs. Norris....

Woah. Are you noticing what I am? The first three cats to reach TOC all rate top notch on Independence. Hmmm... Oh, what is the money marker Cookshanks got there? Crookshanks has now earned $5,000. :)

Hum, what is Joe Carr doing hangin' out on Katerine's porch? Why, for love of course! It is getting toward the end of Katerina's life. Her cats are all skilled out as far as they can go, and she decides she needs some time for herself. Besides, it is Spring, the time for love.

Right in the middle of Katerina's first date with Joe, Smelly gets her promotion, and a memory for $5,000.

Hum Smelly isn't independent at all. She is almost one of the worse kinds of pets a Sim could depend upon for an income! Heh.

By now, it looks like Katerina's day to meet Grim could be any day. Her romance with Joe is heating up.


Ah, here is what I was looking for. Yeah. This is what will be used to get a plat urnstone for Katerina. This was a want that rolled during a date with Joe. Katerina KEPT wants for Sher Kahn all the time. Even during dates with Joe. She wanted Sher Kahn to have particular skills that had nothing to do with his career. Sher Kahn had problems. You will see later on what I mean.

Ah, another promotion! Yay!

Highly independent. Hmmmmm......

Oh what's this? Choking? Could it be Katerina's Grim party? Or could it be the dirty litter box? Or could it be....skilling? Katerina realized Morris needed one more skill to get a promotion. She is trying to work one last skill in. Morris needs to be able to Play Dead.

Oh no! Katerina and her cats are getting robbed....

Felix the ShowBiz cat senses the drama unfolding and acts out the part as a cop cat and blocks the door to keep the burglar from leaving. Alas, the burglar did find a way around him, and the real cop just misses her. And Katerina lost her expensive chaise lounge.

Well, it didn't matter at any rate. The next day as Katerina's Grim Party.

Joe and Katerina had just finished a date. Everyone is upset. The cats cried and cried...Joe cried...

Then he watched TV with Grim.

OK...let's score this thang.....


Sorry, that is Heidi first cat second row

Smelly Katt

Mrs. Norris Katt

Heidi Katt

Crookshanks Katt

Felix Katt


Where were the slackers at the time of Katerina's death?

Sher Kahn, Katerina's favorite. He was a waste of a cat. Look at his stats:

Heh. Besides a poor disopsition, he had a problem:

He was such a pigpen, and so lazy he stayed in scratch desperation most of the challenge because he didn't know where the heck the scratching post was. I moved it all over different places...he finally found it when I put it right in the middle of the floor. But it was too late.

Next was Morris. He didn't promote because that last skill couldn't be worked in...Katerina overlooked him. Poor thing. I suppose since his swimmers were not strong enough to give her a kitten, she shelved him.

Even though he was a bit of a doofus, he could have made it to the top. Here is his portrait:

He was a cutie. Overlooked. *sigh*


5 ea for each cat that still had a job = 35
5 ea for each Trained Pet Skill learned = 85

TOTAL : 250

Now, to take off the negatives:

-2 ea for furniture destroyed = 2 (damn trashcan)
-2 ea for catfights = 4 (The instigator was the unhappy Sher Kahn).
-2 ea each demotion = 10
-5 ea for each firing = 15

Grand Total: 219

I must say I did take each chance card, even though the rules didn't say. That is how the cats got fired, and got demoted. Heh. If I had ignored the cards, my score would have been 244. So.
It was fun for short quick weekend challenge.

Just for fun, see if you can list where all these cats came from? They are all named after famous cats. Excpet for Heidi, and she is a Maxis cat. heh Leave your answers in the comments. :)